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Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Fun to Make

Fruit cups 2Don’t you love it when your nieces and nephews come to visit? Kids are a lot of fun most of the time. Finding something entertaining so they have a good time is much more than just having the latest Disney or action DVD ready to watch. What’s a movie without snacks?
If healthy kids snacks are part of your game plan, how do you get the kids to eat them?
Make snack time fun by allowing the kids to participate in the creation of tasty tidbits. If the weather is on the chilly side, slice whole wheat mini bagels across the center and toast them in the oven. The kids can top the warm bagel with jam, peanut butter, or Greek yogurt.
Kids are more apt to eat the things they make themselves. Inspire them with colorful fruits and vegetables. Peel long strips of carrot and cover one side with peanut butter or yogurt. Roll it up and munch away. This is one of the snacks for kids that can be made in front of the TV while watching the movie!
Kabobs with veggies or fruit are fun and easy to make kids snacks. Have everything ready to stack when the kids arrive. Suggestions include slices of cucumber, celery and carrots, olives, and cherry or grape tomatoes. Popular fruits are chunks of pineapple, pears and apples, grapes, and kiwi and strawberry slices. Hand everyone 2 kabob spears and show them how to build their own kabobs by alternating the layers of fruit and veggies.
Kabobs with veggies
Take lots of pictures to share with the children, family, and friends. Let them know how impressed you are with their creative snacks for kids. Your nieces and nephews will gain reinforcement about good habits like washing their hands before preparing food and cleaning up afterwards. Promote kitchen safety by discussing the tasks you accomplish during this happy get-together.

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