Great Ideas

Holiday Crafting for Kids

Great Ideas Make a snowman. All that is needed are different sizes of Styrofoam balls for the head and body, small twigs, felt (your choice of color), a marker and glue. Place the smallest Styrofoam ball at the top, a medium in the middle, and the largest on the bottom. Secure with glue.

Hand Made Gifts From the Teacher

Great Ideas A Compliment from a Teacher’s Pet Giving a present to someone is always a well-appreciated gesture regardless of the occasion. It takes on a deeper meaning when gifts are personally crafted because the giver spends considerable thought, time and effort in making them. In this season of giving, teach your child

Gift Baskets

Great Ideas Baby Tip – Great Gift Baskets for Mom and Dad Most people buy cute clothes, adorable toys, and other baby gifts for new parents. However, sometimes it’s nice to buy something specifically for mom and dad. New parents deal with a lot of stress, so consider sending a unique gift basket

Gifts that Children Can Make

Great Ideas Handmade gifts can serve two purposes. They are fun and interestingto make and they can also encourage children to give to others.  Giftschildren can make are going to need to be simple and in most casesyou’ll want them to be lower in cost. They can be all of those thingsand even

Tips for Crafts for Younger Kids

Great Ideas Younger children can take part in arts and crafts with the older children in your family. While you can’t let them use some items without supervision, your child can certainly help with placing pieces of construction paper you’re gluing to a project. He can make a simple puppet or even a

Make Special Easter Eggs

Great Ideas An Easter Egg made of Papier Maché is a lovely thing to create for a very special (but easy) container to hold all of those Easter chocolate rabbits, eggs and other sweet treats. What you’ll need: Balloons Glue – homemade or store bought and watered down Paper – newspaper, tissue, gift