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Gifts that Children Can Make

Handmade gifts can serve two purposes. They are fun and interesting
to make and they can also encourage children to give to others.  Gifts
children can make are going to need to be simple and in most cases
you’ll want them to be lower in cost. They can be all of those things
and even less than perfectly made but they will always be cherished by
those who receive them.  Making gifts is also a good way to teach
children the importance of giving, rather than monetary value of the

Try one of these fun and easy gifts for kids and watch their eyes light up.

Make a Designer Candle

loves a candle and the soft glow can light up a cold winter evening.
(always take care that candles are not left unattended and that children
do not have the means to light them.)

You will need:

  • White pillar candles in different heights
  • Dull pencil or round ended needle
  • Permanent markers in different colors
  • Fine tipped paintbrush
  • Acrylic paint in various colors
  • Colorful ribbons or scraps of yarn

Draw designs on the candle with a permanent marker.  Stars, Christmas
trees, and snowflakes are nice for Christmas candles or try flowers and
swirls for spring.  This children’s craft gift  can be adapted for most
any season or occasion!

Use the dull pencil to carefully etch out the pictures.  Brush paint
into the etched grooves and let set for about 5 minutes.  Clean away
excess paint with a cotton swab.  Decorate with a coordinating ribbon
tied around the middle of the candle. As the candle burns, they will
usually burn down through the center. If you’d like to keep the candle,
add another candle in the center once this one has burned down nearly
all the way.

“Hand”y Kitchen Accessories
What grandparent doesn’t love showing off their grandchild’s artwork?
These adorable gifts children can make are sure to please!

You will need:

  • Solid colored dish towel and oven mitt
  • Fabric paint in coordinating colors or acrylic paint and fabric medium to mix with it.
  • Paint pen for fabric or paint brushes or sponges.

Brush fabric paint on your child’s hand and make prints across the
towel and mitt.  Get creative and use fingerprints to make a candle and
flame or handprints in a circle to represent a wreath.  Finish off your
creation by adding your child’s name and the date with the fabric pen.

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