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Hand Made Gifts From the Teacher

A Compliment from a Teacher’s Pet

Giving a present to someone is always a well-appreciated gesture regardless of the occasion. It takes on a deeper meaning when gifts are personally crafted because the giver spends considerable thought, time and effort in making them. In this season of giving, teach your child how to add value to the holiday gift meant for a favorite teacher – a jar containing the sweetest compliments.

Any quart-size canning jar is ideal, provided it can hold many mini chocolate bars to melt the teacher’s heart with delight. On the back of strips of colorful Christmas papers, special messages such as “You make learning lots of fun!” or “I love going to school!” hand printed by your child give each piece a unique sentiment. Use bright ribbons to wrap the candy bars with the strips then tape the lid and cover it with cute fabric secured by a ribbon. A tiny card that says “For a Sweet Teacher” makes it a delectable present for someone who’s been nice to your child the whole year.

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