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Tips for Crafts for Younger Kids

InchwormYounger children can take part in arts and crafts with the older children in your family. While you can’t let them use some items without supervision, your child can certainly help with placing pieces of construction paper you’re gluing to a project. He can make a simple puppet or even a hand print butterfly–you’ll be happy to keep these as mementos of his childhood.

Making tiny clay animals is a simple task and small fingers are well suited for it. Allowing and encouraging the little ones to take part makes it fun for everyone.

Keeping it Simple

As you come up with ideas that your younger child can take part in, remember that she doesn’t have the same manual dexterity as her older siblings. You’ll have to help her cut shapes out and glue them to the main part of her craft project, for instance.

Think about that hand print butterfly. You can have her hold her hands against construction paper, trace the outlines, then cut them out for her. After you cut out the rest of the shapes for the butterfly, you and your child can glue each piece together, creating her very own hand print butterfly.

Your Child’s Interests

Your child has probably already let you know what his interests are. As you think about the different arts and crafts you and he could do, remember that he may not be interested in making a flower bouquet out of empty egg cartons. Instead, he may be much more interested in making a rocket out of an empty film canister. The film canisters are still around–photographers who prefer to take photos using film have empty canisters they can give to you.

Maybe your child likes bright colors. If so, melt broken crayons and, supervising your child, help him to create an abstract picture with the crayon wax.

BunniesMaking it Fun and Educational

If your child goes to day care, reinforce some of what she has been learning with a craft the two of you work on at home. When she comes home talking about farms and what farmers do, gather up the supplies you have handy at home, such as an oatmeal box, discarded cardboard box or even paper bags. Make a silo or barn out of the boxes. With the paper bag, create a farm animal puppet.

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