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Plush Toys Can Provide more Than Fun

Great Ideas It’s a fact that when children listen to music they learn faster, they are more in tune with the world around them and quite often they excel at classroom work.Giving your baby a head start may be as easy as offering them a stuffed toy or other plaything that contains a

Using Odd Socks

Great Ideas Fun Odd Socks for the Cold Months There are many ways to recycle those odd and mismatched socks for crafts. Your home will grow full of lots of crafts as the number of socks missing their mates grows in number while your kids will end up looking a tad bare when

Free Educational Software – Seterra

Great Ideas Geography is something that many students (and adults as well) finddry, boring, or just hard to learn. It can be somewhat challenging tomemorize the countries, capitals, cities, and flags of the world, but itdoesn’t have to be boring. Seterra is a free, Windows based app that makes geography fun and interesting – Free Educational Items for Children With Special Needs

Great Ideas Finding worksheets and activities for children who have special needs can be difficult at best. When you’re looking for the kinds of activities that you’d like to use to help to educate your child, it’s time consuming at best. Do2Learn brings parents and children who have special needs  a wide range

Teaching Kids About Money

Great Ideas Did you know that only about half of the states in the U.S. insist that schools teach children about personal finance? They teach our children about math and calculating compound interest but not much about how to manage their money. No wonder so many people get into trouble with credit cards