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Free Educational Software – Seterra

Geography is something that many students (and adults as well) find
dry, boring, or just hard to learn. It can be somewhat challenging to
memorize the countries, capitals, cities, and flags of the world, but it
doesn’t have to be boring. Seterra is a free, Windows based app that makes geography fun and interesting while gaining valuable knowledge.

Seterra uses computer technology as well as games to create an
application that makes geography not only more interesting to kids, but
the facts are presented in a way that makes them easier for students to memorize. With your first use of Seterra, you will be astounded at how thorough the information is. The program has a plentiful supply of images and facts about geography from every region of the world.

As you view the main page of the program, you are able to choose which continent or region you want to focus on, such as Asia, Europe, or the Americas. You can then narrow your focus to the smaller regions that lie within that area. When choosing one of the many country tests, you are given a map of the region and then asked to identify a particular region or country by clicking on it.

This software is most effective as a tool that is used to reinforce previously learned lessons and to help memorize places and facts in a way that is less tedious. One of the positive aspects of the software is that students get several chances to guess correctly before getting the question wrong. This is a more positive way of learning than the normal one chance method. As an example, when the software requests that you identify the city of Venice, Italy, you get three tries. If all the choices are incorrect, the correct location will be shown by highlighting that dot in red.

While no software will be effective in every case, Seterra is an innovative way for kids to learn without the boring ritual of looking at a map and trying to memorize important cities or capitals. It can also
be a great way to get involved with your children while they learn. Make a game out of it by challenging your student to get more correct answers than you can.

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