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Swaddling Your Baby for Comfort

How to Swaddle Your Baby

Your baby was accustomed to being in a small and warm space. Very
often the baby will experience crying jags and a desire for that warmth
and the feeling of being surrounded again. Using a technique called
swaddling your newborn can help her feel some of the warmth and security
she experienced in the womb:

  • Using a square receiving blanket, lay it on the bed in front of you in the shape of a diamond.
  • Turn down the top point about six inches.
  • Center your baby on her back, with her neck lined up with the top fold. Allow her to keep her knees slightly bent.
  • Take the left corner, fold it across Baby and tuck it inside the other side of the blanket and behind her back.
  • Pull the bottom corner up and over Baby’s left shoulder.
  • Wrap the right side all the way around Baby and tuck the end in the open edge in the front.

Never pull the blankets or materials too tight and be sure that you loosen it prior to putting the baby down for a nap.


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