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The Best Ways to Spend Time with Your Child are Free

ButterflyYour life is busy but you know you need to spend more time with your child. You think of all the things you could do, such as go to the zoo, go to the amusement park and a host of others. All of them can be expensive.

They are fun but it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money just to spend more time with your child. Once in a while, these would be great activities but you don’t want your child to think this is the only way to spend time together.

The best ways are the ones you do every day. Instead of rushing through ordinary tasks such as brushing your child’s hair, cooking a meal or making a snack, gardening or yard work, slow down and do them with your child.

Make doing these things fun and both of you will enjoy them. Include your child in planning meals or gardening and you will have a lot to talk about.

Watch TV together. Don’t just watch the shows, discuss what you both liked and didn’t like during commercial breaks. Choose shows or movies you will both enjoy and have fun with it. Go for a walk in your neighborhood with your child and point out different things to each other and talk about them. You may both notice things that you never paid attention to before, like the bird’s nest in the neighbors tree or the funny little lawn ornament down the street.

One night a week can be game night. Not video games all the time though those are good once in a while. Board games and card games are more interactive. Your child will learn how much fun they can be and you will have fun remembering playing these games when you were a child.

Have a backyard camp out. Telling stories until you both fall asleep is a great end to the day. These are all easy and when you realize how much closer you are to your child, you will know they are also the best ways to spend time with your child.

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