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Using Odd Socks

Fun Odd Socks for the Cold Months

There are many ways to recycle those odd and mismatched socks for crafts. Your home will grow full of lots of crafts as the number of socks missing their mates grows in number while your kids will end up looking a tad bare when they run out of socks to wear. If you want to give those socks a new lease on life, why not let them use those as mismatched socks. That way, you need not buy them extra pairs with the cold season right on your doorstep.

Nobody said your kids have to wear the matching pairs to keep their feet protected from the nippy weather. Do you have lots of socks without matches? Have fun decorating and matching them so your kid will have enough pairs to beat the chilly months at no extra cost. With a needle and colored thread, you can embroider eyes, snout and mouth on those toe parts to make them look cute and fun. If they find them cute enough, they might even wear them outdoors.

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