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Kidde Time is all about our children and grandchildren. What better way to bond with a child than to read them a story. The Kidde Time free library offers free children’s books that are able to be downloaded and shared between people. They are PDF and there are no restrictions to your sharing the free children’s books that you find here. Some are new and more modern, recently written, while others are older and have been resurrected by the Gutenberg Press distributed proof readers.

Thank you for visiting Kidde Time. Enjoy the free children’s books that you find here. We will regularly update and add to our kids books.

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Tale Of Benjamin BunnyThe Tale Of Benjamin Bunny, by Beatrix Potter
Much loved childrens’ author Beatrix Potter wrote literally hundreds of stories designed for children. Today her stories are still among the best loved of all books for bedtime stories. There are full volumes of Beatrix Potter stories still in print today and available for purchase and there are smaller story books from Ms Potter that are available for free download. Beatrix Potter is one of the most prolific children’s writers.

Her stories are gentle and fun for kids while providing a little excitement and a little adventure. They are well suited for bedtime stories when read and explained by parents.

Beatrix Potter books are now out of copyright, and thanks to the Gutenberg Press have been proofed and set up for use on free sites and libraries.

You are free to download and to share this wonderful kid’s book.


Mother GooseMother Goose, by Kate Greenaway
Mother Goose rhymes and tales are older than many of us know. They’ve been recited and have taught kids to read and to memorize text for decades. Some provide great learning tools for simple reading and memorization while others are great when shared with parents and used for short bedtime story components.

We’ve edited the Mother Goose rhymes here to make a small and manageable book that is easy to download and print to read to young children.



The Little Red HenThe Little Red Hen is a tale about sharing the work and sharing the rewards for the work. It’s an older story, written many years ago that teaches timeless lessons about the rewards of hard work and what it can do for you.

It also tells us why it’s a great idea to help our family and friends to do those chores that need to be done every day. Reading a story to your child is one of the best ways to improve their vocabulary and their reading skills and its a great way to bond with your kids.

It’s our pleasure to share the Little Red Hen book in our Kidde Time Free Library.



Raggedy AnnThe Raggedy Ann Stories
Written years ago for his children and grandchildren, the Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy stories are timeless.

They are tales with a moral or with a message that are fun and interesting for kids to read and fun for parents to share with their kids. Raggedy Ann is a character that has been loved by parents and grandparents and is still a staple for children today.

SPend some time reading to your child. Children who are read stories do better in school and develop stronger bonds with their parents.

It’s our pleasure to share the Gutenberg press version of Raggedy Ann stories, rendered into PDF so that people can print them, can upload them to a laptop or tablet and feature vivid images that your child can see as they read the story.



Tale of Tommy TippytoesThe Tale of Tommy Tippytoes
Beatrix Potter books have provided years of help for parents in settling their children down at night. Beatrix wrote about animals, giving them human qualities and making them part of the family. Children around the world love Beatrix Potter’s fun and loveable animals and spending time with them as their parents read to them.

The Tale of Tommy Tippytoes brings a young squirrel and some small rabbits to life for your children. Enjoy the Beatrix Potter book, The Tale of Tommy Tippytoes, courtesy of the Gutenberg Project and Kidde Time.



Night Before ChristmasTwas the Night Before Christmas is one of the old classic books that parents have been reading to their kids for decades. Today that classic still has the same appeal and still offers parents the kind of book that they can read comfortably to a child. Short enough to be an easy read and long enough to satisfy a child’s need for a bedtime story on

Christmas eve, this timeless story provides an outstanding means to entertain your child and keep them involved in the wonder and the magic of reading. Printable and downloadable, Kidde Time takes pleasure in bringing you and your child this Christmas classic.



Betsy ButterflyBetsy Butterfly is off on an adventure. You and your child can come along and share her flights of fancy with the latest addition to our free library, created from a Project Gutenberg book.

Let Betsy and her friends help you to make your way into dreamland with a gentle and relaxing bed-time story book adventure sure to help mother or father and child to enjoy some quality time together. Kids who read have a lifetime of fun.

Take your children on a journey. Read them a book.

To Open the books in the free library, just click on the title of the book. If you would like to save the book to your computer, go to the top of your browser when the pdf file is open and choose “file” and “save page as.” Then save the page as a PDF and it will be able to be read from your own site without using our site to see it. More books are added regularly to the Kidde Time website.