Great Ideas

Making Baby Food

Great Ideas Timely Tips for Making your own Baby Food Homemade baby food, using fresh ingredients will adjust baby’s palate to the taste of real food. Commercially prepared food is rich in sugar. When kids begin eating an excess of sugar they will expect sugary foods in the future. Store bought baby food

Hot Weather Ideas for Kids

Great Ideas Fruit and vegetable popsicles (yes, vegetables!) can be healthy and super easy to make for your kids this summer. So when they come in saying they want something good to eat, bring out these great tasting (and healthy) iced treats for them. Having something cold like these popsicles can work really

Creative Art Using Store-Bought Cookie Dough

Great Ideas Isn’t it fun when the kids make creative projects from things around the house? Why not let them make tomorrow’s snack, tonight’s dessert, or a gift for Grandma? All it takes is sugar cookie dough from the refrigerated section at the store and some common ingredients from the kitchen! Here are

Helpful Strategies for Dealing with a Toddler That’s a Picky Eater

Great Ideas Some toddlers love to eat. They’ll eat nearly anything you put on their plate. However, other toddlers seem to be picky eaters. It’s important to teach children to like many different flavors so they grow up to like and enjoy many different healthy foods.  Many older children won’t eat vegetables simply

Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Fun to Make

Great Ideas Don’t you love it when your nieces and nephews come to visit? Kids are a lot of fun most of the time. Finding something entertaining so they have a good time is much more than just having the latest Disney or action DVD ready to watch. What’s a movie without snacks? If

The Benefits of Cooking and Eating Meals with Your Kids

Great Ideas Considering all the talk about the busyness of our lives, childhood and adult obesity, preparing kids for the future, and building/maintaining real connections with our kids, what could be better to cover all these issues than cooking and eating meals with your kids? Teaching kids from an early age about food