Great Ideas

The Benefits of Cooking and Eating Meals with Your Kids

Great Ideas Considering all the talk about the busyness of our lives, childhood and adult obesity, preparing kids for the future, and building/maintaining real connections with our kids, what could be better to cover all these issues than cooking and eating meals with your kids? Teaching kids from an early age about food

Make Special Easter Eggs

Great Ideas An Easter Egg made of Papier Maché is a lovely thing to create for a very special (but easy) container to hold all of those Easter chocolate rabbits, eggs and other sweet treats. What you’ll need: Balloons Glue – homemade or store bought and watered down Paper – newspaper, tissue, gift

Five Reasons for Reading to Your Infant

Great Ideas Many people believe that reading to a baby in the early years may not be worthwhile. How much do they get from the story? Is there a purpose behind the fun of reading to your baby? The answer is “Yes!” because reading is a way for you to communicate with your

Organizing Your Kids Bedroom

Great Ideas Keeping your child’s room organized is a challenge. Fortunately, there are ways to make it a bit simpler. It helps to do it in a way that makes it easier for your child to find what they want and get it put back in the same place so they can easily

Keep Favorite Books Close at Hand

Great Ideas Do you find that you are always hunting for the kids books your child loves the most? You might try to keep them on a bookshelf in the children’s room but they get taken from there and left somewhere else. How can you keep them where they will be found without

Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Fun to Make

Great Ideas Don’t you love it when your nieces and nephews come to visit? Kids are a lot of fun most of the time. Finding something entertaining so they have a good time is much more than just having the latest Disney or action DVD ready to watch. What’s a movie without snacks? If