Great Ideas

Helpful Strategies for Dealing with a Toddler That’s a Picky Eater

Great Ideas Some toddlers love to eat. They’ll eat nearly anything you put on their plate. However, other toddlers seem to be picky eaters. It’s important to teach children to like many different flavors so they grow up to like and enjoy many different healthy foods.  Many older children won’t eat vegetables simply

Creative Art Using Store-Bought Cookie Dough

Great Ideas Isn’t it fun when the kids make creative projects from things around the house? Why not let them make tomorrow’s snack, tonight’s dessert, or a gift for Grandma? All it takes is sugar cookie dough from the refrigerated section at the store and some common ingredients from the kitchen! Here are

Tips for Crafts for Younger Kids

Great Ideas Younger children can take part in arts and crafts with the older children in your family. While you can’t let them use some items without supervision, your child can certainly help with placing pieces of construction paper you’re gluing to a project. He can make a simple puppet or even a

Toys, Toys Everywhere! How to Organize Them Better?

Great Ideas What happens when your child wants to play with a certain toy but can’t find it in the overflowing toy box? Sometimes, it is a major meltdown. When one big toy box is filled to overflowing, it is hard to find that one toy that seems to find its way to

Hot Weather Ideas for Kids

Great Ideas Fruit and vegetable popsicles (yes, vegetables!) can be healthy and super easy to make for your kids this summer. So when they come in saying they want something good to eat, bring out these great tasting (and healthy) iced treats for them. Having something cold like these popsicles can work really

Teaching Kids About Money

Great Ideas Did you know that only about half of the states in the U.S. insist that schools teach children about personal finance? They teach our children about math and calculating compound interest but not much about how to manage their money. No wonder so many people get into trouble with credit cards