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No More Crib: Time for a Toddler Bed

Your little baby isn’t so little anymore and has outgrown her crib. Now it is time for a toddler bed. It will take a bit of getting used to for both of you. She may be excited but the first few nights may also bring on some insecurities she didn’t feel when she slept in the familiar crib.
When setting up the toddler bed, let your child help as much as is feasible. Choosing the bedding may help her adjust to the new bed quicker since she will have a sense of ownership. Of course, including a few things from her crib, such as a favorite blanket, will also make it seem less strange.
Make the new bed as inviting as possible. Part of this is making it feel more secure. Side rails will help make her feel a little more secure as she won’t feel as though she will fall out of bed. Her favorite stuffed toy waiting for her to sing to sleep will let her be more at ease.
The first night, spend extra time with her after she crawls into bed. Read to her, sing a lullaby and just talk about the day just past and the day coming. This time with her helps calm her fears and, if it becomes a nightly ritual, be something she looks forward to. It won’t be long and her new bed will feel as familiar as her crib used to.
To make her toddler bed more “grown up”, place a nightstand next to it. Water in a spill proof cup sitting on it will let her get a drink if she wakes up thirsty during the night. She will feel grown up being able to get a drink from her cup by herself. Her bedtime story books can be kept here as well. On the wall just above her bed, you can hang her toy net to keep all her stuffed animals in. It should be low enough that if she stands on her bed, she can pull out and put back her stuffed animals. Of course, her favorite will have an honored place on her pillow.

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