How to Install Your Toy Net

Toy NetGreat news! Here’s how to install your Toy Storage Net.

  • Your package contains 3 hooks and 3 plastic anchors.
  • The installation location for this Kidde Time Stuffed Animal and Toy Storage Net is in the corner of a room where a child is NOT ABLE TO GET TANGLED in the storage net.
  • It is preferred that you screw hooks into a wall stud. If a wall stud is not available then the plastic anchors must be used.
  • To use the plastic anchors, pre-drilled 5/16-inch hole then squeeze points and push the pointed end into the hole. Screw hook into anchor.
  • Stretch the hammock on a flat surface with pointed end at the top representing a triangle.
  • When considering how to Install Your Toy Net–find a spot for your first hook close to the corner of the wall at a safe height.
  • Attach the top grommet of the net to the corner of the wall where you installed your corner hook.
  • Slightly stretch each side of the net to determine hook locations for the other two points on each side of the two walls. Each hook should be equal distance from the floor.
  • Attach the grommets of the two remaining sides of the net to the installed hooks.
  • Make sure when hanging your Toy Storage Net, you hang it high out of the reach of little hands.
  • The poly bag packaging is not a toy so please keep it out of the reach of children.

That’s it for now. Just know this grandmother of 4 was able to do it by herself so hopefully you will too.