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Keep Favorite Books Close at Hand

Do you find that you are always hunting for the kids books your child loves the most? You might try to keep them on a bookshelf in the children’s room but they get taken from there and left somewhere else. How can you keep them where they will be found without hunting through the entire room or house?

One idea you might try is to have a net near where the books are most often read, which is usually the bed, Attach the net to the wall so the books can be arranged in it in such a way each is seen. This solves the problem of finding a specific book with ease but there is still the problem of your child returning it to the net when he or she is done reading it.

You might try a points system that could apply to putting anything back in its place in addition to the kids books. Each time a book or toy is put in its proper place, award a point. Each week, check to see how many points are earned (number of points set at the start for each reward), Once enough points are earned for a reward, your child can choose to collect that reward or save the points and add to them to get the next higher reward.

The best rewards should be something the child enjoys but does not get on a regular basis. A new book is a good one for a child who loves books. A trip to the zoo or a museum the child enjoys would make wonderful higher rewards.

Since you know what your child likes, you can set it up so it matches your child’s likes and age is appropriate. Your child may put things away regularly after a while as doing so will become a habit. Then, you may not need to keep track of points and just periodically get a new book or go someplace special as a matter course.

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