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Organizing Your Kids Bedroom

Keeping your child’s room organized is a challenge. Fortunately, there are ways to make it a bit simpler. It helps to do it in a way that makes it easier for your child to find what they want and get it put back in the same place so they can easily find it again the next time.

A room organizer such as stackable cubes can help. These can hold the toys your child plays with the most. Each cube can be marked so your child knows where each toy belongs. For a child who isn’t reading yet, you can use pictures to mark the cubes. Your child will know exactly where each toy belongs and could have fun putting the toys in their “homes” after playing with them. Getting your child to put toys and other things away regularly is the biggest challenge you face in organizing your kids bedroom.

Another great room organizer is a toy net for soft toys. A couple of these can be used. One hung near the bed can hold favorite stuffed animals and another hung over the toy box or cubes can hold other toys, such as a plastic bowling set. The toys can easily be seen so it won’t be necessary for your child to dig through a toy box to find the toy he or she wants to play with. The need to do this is often how a neatly organized room becomes a mess so quickly.

Does your child love books? Stackable cubes and nets can be used to keep books neatly arranged but still easy to find. Favorite bedtime books can nest in a net while other fun books are kept in the cubes. Children sometimes change their minds about what books are their favorites so rotating what books are kept in the net can be done as needed.

Using a room organizer or two definitely helps get a room neatly organized. After that comes the biggest challenge – keeping it that way.

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