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Teaching Your Children Organization Skills

A house with children is often times one of the best places to be. There’s laughter, learning, and memories being made constantly. With all the growing up going on under one roof, there comes a little chaos and disorganization. What once was a polished clean floor and tidy rooms is now one large playpen.

Teaching your kids organization skills is something all parents and grandparents should try to implement. Not only will it help them later in life, your house will be more organized, and the time you used to spend cleaning up can now be spent with your children.

The first step in teaching your kids organization skills is to assign a chore that involves categorization or sorting. This could be sorting markers from crayons, unloading the dishwasher, or pairing socks. Use
lots of containers to help keep them organized and be sure to praise
them for a job well done.

The second step is to establish routines. This could mean doing homework right after school, getting ready for bed at a certain time, or designated days of the week that their room needs to be cleaned. This helps them plan ahead and know what they need to do before they get distracted with something else.

Be sure to keep these organization tasks fun, especially for little ones! Make it a game to see how many toys they can pick up in 5 minutes. Mark off completed chores on a chart with stickers. Or offer dessert after the dishes are sorted. Making organizing fun makes it less of a chore and more of something they look forward to.

Kids are the best at making messes, so starting to teach them organization skills at a young age is a wise decision. Make the organization process a fun and rewarding one and let them know they’re
your little helpers. Letting them know that they’re a big help around the house and that organizing isn’t so much of a chore!

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