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Toys, Toys Everywhere! How to Organize Them Better?

Toy animalWhat happens when your child wants to play with a certain toy but can’t find it in the overflowing toy box? Sometimes, it is a major meltdown. When one big toy box is filled to overflowing, it is hard to find that one toy that seems to find its way to the bottom.

How do you solve this dilemma without having toys scattered everywhere? Maybe try sorting toys by size and type. Then store them in a series of smaller containers and toy hammocks. Small toys can be kept in smaller storage containers based on what type of toy they are. For example, Lego type toys can all be stored in one container. Use clear containers so your child can see what is inside. Larger toys that are big enough not to slip through the webbing can be kept in a toy storage hammock. If there are many toys large enough, you may need more than one hammock. Attach the hammocks to the wall above the smaller containers and all the toys are in the same area, neatly organized.

When your child can find that one toy he or she wants at that moment, you will have a happy child who is pleased that the toy was easier to find. Being able to see what each container or hammock holds stops the meltdowns and lets the playing begin. At most, you might be asked to reach into the bottom of the hammock to get the toy your child wants. No more crying, just smiles and clapping as you hand the toy over to him or her.

As your child grows, the contents in the containers and hammocks will change. A toy storage hammock that once held large toys might instead hold a boy’s collection of sports equipment. A girl might have her collection of fashion accessories such as scarves or handbags in the hammock. Just because it once held toys doesn’t mean that is all the hammock can be used for. The result will be the same. The item your child wants will be easy to find.

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