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Where to Put All Those Stuffed Animals!

Children love stuffed animals and some love them more than others. Is your child one who loves stuffed animals so much she has enough to open a stuffed animal zoo? They are great toys because they help children learn about animals and are soft and cuddly at the same time. The only problem is where to put them all when they aren’t being played with.

A great solution is to use a stuffed animal hammock or two. If there are a lot of stuffed animals, you can separate them into a couple of categories. Animals that can be found on a farm or in a home and animals that can be found in a zoo or out in the wild is one way. Another is to group them by how the child uses them. Some are nap and nighttime cuddly toys and some are more for daytime play. Either way, you can have a different hammock for each group of animals.

If you group according to domestic and wild animals, both hammocks can be place low enough for the child to reach in and get the ones she wants and put back the ones she is finished playing with. If you group based on when they are used, the nap and nighttime stuffed animal hammock can be put on the wall above the child’s bed low enough she can reach in and get the one she wants to sleep with each night. The other one can be placed on the wall near her play area, such as under the window.

Using such a hammock for stuffed toys helps keep your child’s room neat but also lets the toys be easily visible. The stuffed animals also stay cleaner since they are not mixed in a toy box with other toys that might be played with outside. They won’t get holes poked in them from the edges of hard plastic toys either. That will let your child hang onto her favorites for many years and maybe even pass them on to her own children someday.

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