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Toy Safety Tips for Parents

Great Ideas Toys provide hours of enjoyment for kids of all ages. However, not all toys are safe for kids. Below you will find a couple of tips to help you select only safe toys. You should not buy toys that contain small parts for babies and children under 3. These age groups

Staying in the Know about Product Safety

Great Ideas In spite of some very stringent safety regulations in both the US and the UK, we’ve seen some very unsafe toys on the market in recent years. The holiday season is fast approaching and that time of year it’s always best to be especially vigilant when buying toys for your little

Halloween Safety Tips

Great Ideas Halloween is a time to get lost in the spooky atmosphere of the holiday. While chills, thrills and fake blood are great, no one wants it to turn into a nightmare. That’s where these Halloween safety tips come into play. Be Costume SmartYes, black fabric adds to the dread of the

Children’s Safety Online

Great Ideas Anyone who goes online needs to be safe, that means kids as well as adults. Kids and young people now spend up to 7 ½ hours a day online and there are real dangers out there like cyber bullying and inappropriate content, among lots of others.One of the biggest problems with