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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a time to get lost in the spooky atmosphere of the holiday. While chills, thrills and fake blood are great, no one wants it to turn into a nightmare. That’s where these Halloween safety tips come into play.

Be Costume Smart
Yes, black fabric adds to the dread of the day, but it also prevents drivers from seeing you. If there’s no getting around black, make sure you use face paint, or reflective tape on your Halloween bag so that drivers can see you.
Also important, is that you make sure a costume fits you. That prevents you from trips and falls. With that, it is a good idea to remove your mask, until the moment you ring a doorbell.

Be Street Smart
How you walk on the street is also important. Make sure you only cross at stop lights, or areas that are designated for crossing. Be sure to look both ways and then proceed to walk safely across the street. When choosing a route to trick or treat, try to select a path that requires you to cross as few streets as possible.

Be Safety Smart
Anyone who is under the age of 12 should have an adult with them at all times. When possible, trick or treat with a large group of people. This prevents many of the dangers that comes with the holiday.

At a home, never enter the property of anyone you don’t know. Avoid coming in to play with animals or stepping inside just long enough for an adult to get candy. If someone asks you to come inside, politely tell them no. If they insist, leave quickly.

When you receive candy, never enjoy it until an adult has had a chance to inspect it. Any unwrapped items or items that look like they’ve been tampered with should be discarded for safety.

Remember, these safety tips aren’t designed to take away the fun from Halloween. They are designed to keep you and your family safe, so you can enjoy this incredible holiday.

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