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Staying in the Know about Product Safety

In spite of some very stringent safety regulations in both the US and the UK, we’ve seen some very unsafe toys on the market in recent years. The holiday season is fast approaching and that time of year it’s always best to be especially vigilant when buying toys for your little ones. It’s particularly important that you are aware of the regulations that are in place for toy safety.

For the most part, toy safety regulations have been very successful. Very few household accidents involve toys, and when accidents do involve toys it is very rare that the accident is caused by a defect in the toy itself. Accidents involving toys usually involve people tripping over them or using them inappropriately.

In addition, where defective or dangerous toys have made it onto the market they have been recalled quickly and publicly. That doesn’t mean that you can let your guard down. Recently some toys that were sent in from China were found to have lead based paint. This type toy needs to be carefully examined and ensure that the paint is not flaking or cracking and additionally to pay attention to the recall notices that exist on children’s toys .

Children’s product recalls exist by the number every month. If you’re interested in staying on top of those recalls, you can find them listed by the month at Safe Kids Recall Pages.

Remember that recalls do not expire. If you buy goods at yard sales or at garage sales or other used goods stores, make it a point to check them before you give them to your child or use them in their immediate play areas.

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